Human Rights Radio – Amnesty International Volunteers talking with Regina

The fourth Human Rights Radio show has been broadcast and as usual, when we’re done our show we end up with more ideas about who we might talk to about human rights issues around the cityor around the world.  No lack of topics or people to talk to.  It’s great for our show, and a telling commentary on the world we live in.  As volunteers for Amnesty International, our goal is to make a difference.   Positive outcomes are being influenced by the thousands of petition signers and letter writers around the world who remind people in authority that we are watching and aware of the issues.
Our first show featured two former Sri Lanka citizens who informed us of the distressing conditions faced in Tamil refugee camps and the reluctance of the Sri Lanka government to allow international observers access to the camps.  In our second show, we spoke with Miguel Sanchez about his experiences in Chile before, during, and after the 1973 military coup and touched on refugee and immigration issues.  We’ll talk about differences and similarities between refugees and immigrants in a follow-up show with Miguel.   The third show featured Aboriginal social activist, Sue Deranger,  who spoke about the Awajun and Wampis indigenous people of Peru.  On this week’s show we interviewed Regina journalist and activist Nicole Huck, who discussed her travels, experiences and observations in Thailand and Ghana.

Next show July 31,

Schizophrenia Society of  Regina Executive Director, Anita Hopfauf will tell us about the challenges faced by people living with mental illness, including schizophrenia.

Planning to attend Regina Folk Festival??  Amnesty International will have an information booth where you can meet local Amnesty volunteers, get information about actions, sign petitions, and get a great deal on a t-shirt.

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