The Conductor’s Caboose (July 17th & 18th)

Hello once again Skinamarinkydoos! Another week, another blog courtesy of your Friendly Neighbourhood Conductor. Ah…but what’s this? It isn’t just any ordinary week we’re talkin’ about here…


BOSS RADIO’S 200th Program!
This Friday’s edition of Boss Radio (Friday 4-6 pm) will be my Bi-Centennial click on the tachometer, celebrating a milestone which stretches back to the Spring of 2005, from whence I commenced playing some of the greatest Rock N’ Roll ever made…and I do mean SOME because I have only begun in alternately educating and terrorizing my listening audience. Your’s Truly-Ruly will be indulging himself in playing some of the choicest sides ever heard on the show. Wear a helmet while listening in on Friday…I’ll be throwing the HIGH…HARD…HEAT, and, as they’re saying about this year’s Baseball All Star Game: THIS ONE COUNTS!


For the next two weeks, The Prairie Lily Special (Saturday 6-8 pm) will feature Volumes One and Two of Ray Charles’ 1962 landmark albums “Modern Sounds In Country and Western Music”. Volume One highlights will air on this week’s Bookender Spotlight, with Volume Two doing so on July 25th. Be prepared in hearing some classic compositions as only Brother Ray can record ’em…HIS WAY! Now last and certainly not least…


Once again, Regina’s affordable advertising solution is back as a booster of Regina Community Radio and is sponsoring the first hour (4-5 pm) of Boss Radio. If you’re looking for a unique way of getting the word out for your business, charity or upcoming event, give him a call at 522-SIGN (522-7446) or visit him online at and tell him THE CONDUCTOR SENT YA’! Please support the businesses that support Reigan Community Radio…that way we’ll continue to be one big prosperous growing happy!


Later Friday Friday Freedom Riders and Pards’ of All Ages!

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