The Conductor’s Caboose (July 31st-August 1st)

Good Day Fairgoers! In between visits to our annual Buffalo Days extravaganza this weekend, may your’s Truly-Ruly offer a couple of suggestions in your 91.3 FM listening that may go a long way in enhancing your Queen City Ex-perience? They are…


Boss Radio (Friday 4-6 pm) will bring you another Fabulous Forty so exhilerating, it’ll blow the Midway machines right offa da’ grounds! J.B. will kick off the preceedings, with the momentum created in his wake careening The Boss Express towards Wiggle-Wobble Time like an Indy car with a stuck throttle…hold on tight Friday Freedom Riders!


Back in Los Angeles in 1958, then-casual songwriter Harlan Howard chatted-up sometime song client and good friend Wynn Stewart about the singing talent posessed by his then-spouse Jan. Wynn eventually got to hear her sing and was so impressed, he approached his label Challenge Records (founded by Gene Autry) about getting his good friend’s wife signed to a contract. Jan Howard went on to record for Challenge and moved on to Capitol and Decca, launching a career which continues to this day. You can hear her duet recordings with Wynn on this Saturday’s edition of The Prairie Lily Special (6-8 pm) on The Bookender Spotlight, followed by some of her solo sides for that label next week (August 8th).


Rockabilly fans can jump for Joy…literally, when they hear the crazed, inspired waxings of Benny Joy on this week’s Rockabilly Boogie Time segment (7-7:30) during The PLS. Thanks to those insanely dedicated folks at Norton Records, his career on record has been preserved for all Cool Cats to enjoy well into the twelfth of never. Yes, these rekkids will profoundly change YOUR life and that of your family and close friends, so listen in on Saturday…


‘Later Friday Freedom Riders and Pards’ of all ages!

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