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This past weekend we had a wonderful time at the Regina Folk Festival.  Amnesty International had a display set up with lots of information about actions Amnesty is taking against many human rights violations.  Amnesty volunteers were there to greet you all and many visitors had their pictures taken with our “Demand Dignity” poster for publication on the internet.

This Friday on Human Rights Radio, we will have Bob Hughes from SCAR (Sask Coalition Against Racism) on the show to discuss the organization as well as Racism as a human rights issue.

On August 28th our guests will be Ken Taylor and Doug Tracht who will be enlightening us on the history of and some of the finer points of the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Ken Taylor is with IDEA Regina,  (Individuals with Disabilities Equity Alliance of Regina) “A grassroots alliance dedicated to full citizenship for individuals with disabilities.”,  The website is:

We might know something about the lives of persons  with disabilities here at home, but imagine the plight of persons with disabilities in African Countries.  Check this link out.

It contains some very interesting information about the history of disability in African Countries, including cultural, spiritual, gendered, and social issues.

Margaret Akan will be on the show on Sept 04 to talk about Human Rights Violations against people with HIV/AIDs as well as the “Declaration of Rights for Aboriginal People Living with HIV/AIDs

You may remember our very first Human Rights Radio show was about the plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka refugee camps in the aftermath of the civil war there.  Amnesty International  has posted a video on Facebook calling on the Sri Lankan government to allow freedom of movement and on the Government of India to monitor the aid pledged to the Sri Lankan government and to press for the immediate transfer of the management of the displaced people camps from the military to the civilian authorities.  

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