Focused on Homelessness last week, this week Rights of People with Disabilities

On Human Rights Radio this past Friday, we spoke with Stella, a volunteer at Red Ribbon Place who has experienced homelessness both here in Regina and in Vancouver.  We learned about how easy it is to become homeless if you encounter difficulties and don’t have the support of family or friends.  Stella told us some stories about what she had to do to survive in this situation and through her insight we discovered what support was available in Vancouver and what was available in Regina (Regina is a harsher place to be homeless in terms of climate and Social Services support).

We have mentioned on the show that we will have Alex Neve with us on September 11.  Alex is the Secretary General of Amnesty International Canada and is visiting Amnesty Volunteers in Regina and Saskatoon.    Unfortunately, because of a scheduling problem, Alex will be unable to speak at Regina Eastview Rotary Club, but we will let you know where you can meet him.  Alex has practiced law in Toronto with a focus on refugee and immigration law.  He has been affiliated with the Centre for Refugee Studies at York University and has taught International Human Rights and Refugee Law at Osgood Hall Law School.  Alex has been an active member of Amnesty International since the mid 1980s working in a number of different roles nationally and internationally, writing many reports and studies for Amnesty as well as legal submissions to parliamentary committees and UN Human Rights bodies.  He regularly lectures, participates in conferences, and speaks and writes in the national media on human rights topics.   On December 28 2007, Alex was appointed an officer of the Order of Canada in recognition of his human rights work.

Don’t miss our interview with Alex on September 11 at 12:30pm

We’re still attempting to organize podcasting or at least a link you’ll be able to find past Human Rights Radio shows and we’ll let you know when that’s done.

This week, we’re going to discuss the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities with Ken Taylor from IDEA Regina.  Be sure to tune in to Human Rights Radio this Friday at 12:30.

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