The Conductor’s Caboose (August 21st & 22nd)

I’m back from Lethbridge! What did I learn? Well, the trestle bridge is a hundred years old, somebody converted the old water tower on Mayor Magrath Drive into a restaurant and the Taber corn is ready and available from your closest vacant lot retailer now! Last Thursday night I also learned that someone set fire to my garage here in Regina, destroying a number of books, records and video I had stored there until I was ready to move out. Let me get this off of my chest briefly: ARSON STINKS! It ain’t funny and it’s hardly behavior that will endear you towards others or your friends (and if it does, you need NEW friends). Enough of that then, here’s what’s comin’ at ya this week…


I’ve always said that no other show in town has more Soul than Boss Radio (Friday 4-6 pm) and I’ll re-affirm that pledge with some fresh classic sixties’ slabs from the left coast (that’s California for you neophytes out there). In addition, I’ve unearthed some great discs that will help tell The Ember Records Story during the “On The Corner” segment. I can hardly wait.


This week’s edition of The Prairie Lily Special (Saturday 6-8 pm) presents John Fogerty’s 1973 release “The Blue Ridge Rangers”, a pretty neat record in it’s time as Mr. Fogerty was exploring his options as Creedence Clearwater Revival was about to call it a day and chose to do so by tackling some great Country Music standards. You’ll hear those tracks during The Bookender Spotlight.


‘Later Friday Freedom Riders and Pards’ Of All Ages!

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