Human Rights Radio goes to an Hour

If you’ve been listening to Human Rights Radio lately, you’ll have noticed that we’re doing the whole 12 o’clock hour now starting at noon and going till 1pm.  We wanted to get our feet wet before we committed to the full hour and now we’re happy to bring you more information about human rights issues around the world.   Our show last week was a little more relaxed as we had Saskatchewan Amnesty Field Worker Gord Barnes with Mona and Jim talking about some recently published books, some Actions being taken by Amnesty, and some updates on situations we’ve been following.  We also discussed what concerned people can do to help bring about change.  Change is possible and change does happen with your help.  You can sign petitions, either the ones we provide at different events or you can sign petitions on-line.  You can write letters to the people who have the power to change the situations of people who are being unfairly treated.  You can send emails as well.  These expressions of concern from all around the world make a difference.  Check the website and you will find the good news that results from the worldwide combined efforts of Amnesty supporters.

This week our guest will be Dr. Garson Hunter from the University of Regina Faculty of Social Work.  Dr. Hunter will be discussing the very controversial subject of “panhandling” in downtown Regina.  Is panhandling really a human rights issue?  Remember our new time….12 noon, Friday!

P.S.  we’d really love to hear from you.  Send your comments and concerns to humanrightsXradio@c (take the X out of the address)

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