Final Mouth Radio of 2009

Gonna wrap up our decade-nal retrospective tonight with 2008-09 as best we can. Trying to play a lot of great songs in under one hour leaves ‘lil time for talk. Lot of great music came out in ’08-’09. Going to be hard to narrow it down.

(P.S. I highly respect the great writers that contribute to Pitchfork, but I have no idea why they seem to think Animal Collective is the greatest band of the decade.)

From coast-to-cost-to-toast, the Canadian music scene continues to boom.

At least on a knee-jerk, this-is-the-way-I-feel-right-now-level, my picks for 2009 Best-of include Face Control by Handsome Furs for Canadian and Mind Chaos by Hockey for U.S. album.

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