The Conductor’s Caboose (December 26th)

On behalf of me, myself and your’s truly ruly, The Conductor In Black, I wish everyone out in the CJTR universe the veddy best this holiday season. May none of youse be compelled to eat that horrible baked goody called Christmas Cake (which just looks like compressed sand spiked with shards of coloured broken glass). May none of you lose to yer’ big brother in a game of table hockey (I sound like a PTS victim after gettin’ kicked by my brother Dan, year after year, but that’s my damage I guess), AND may none of you drink egg nog without actually knowing what’s in it (been there, trust me, JUST SAY NO!).


Boss Radio is on holiday hiatus until Friday, January 8th, but I just wanted to express my thanks to all those who listen to The Fastest Two Hours Of Radio In Regina on a regular basis…THANKS!


The Prairie Lily Special (Saturday 6-8 pm) will air on Boxing Day, December 26th with my year-end program, showcasing most of the Bookender Spotlight artists and recordings heard through the past year. The three-part Bookender on the new “Hank Williams Revealed” box set will conclude with highlights from Disc Three. As an added bonus, I’ll play a complete episode of one of Hank’s “Mother’s Best” radio programs that aired back in 1951 on Nashville’s WSM Radio. I’ll also be announcing this Saturday who will be the next Country Music legend to be honoured as my next “Tribute Artist In Residence” for the upcoming ninth season of TPLS in 2010, so this Saturday’s show will be humongous and very listenable!


‘Later Friday Freedom Riders and Pards’ Of All Ages!

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