The Conductor’s Caboose (February 5th & 6th)

How could I possibly top last weekend’s shows, especially my interview with Tommy Hunter on TPLS? I don’t know about the rest of you squirrels, but I gotta have a reason to get outta bed, day in, day out…DON’T YOU? I’m gonna go out and collect a few more nuts for my winter sustinence (to feed my voraciously hungry but fragile EGO) , so away I go…


Another Fabulous Forty will be careening your way again on Boss Radio (Friday 4-6 pm). British Freak-Beat, Meek-Beat and lotsa lotsa Soul…what, me scrimp on the Soul? NEVER!!!


Kentuckian John  Conlee managed to avoid a ghoulish and dreary fate as a mortician and, later, a radio newsreader when he moved to Nashville and became a disc jockey (now that’s more like it!), songwriter and recording artist throughout the seventies and eighties, scoring many successes during that period. But no part of Conlee’s career was more prolific or fruitful as 1983-early 1984, when he scored four consecutive Billboard #1 Country hits! Hear those singles during this Saturday’s Bookender Spotlight on The Prairie Lily Special (6-8 pm) and hear some more of his other great singles on next week’s program February 13th.


There’s a special treat for Rockinbillies for the next two weeks on Rockabilly Boogie Time during TPLS (7-7:30 pm): I’ll be saluting the poorly paid, criminally ripped-off artists who recorded for Four-Star Records. Patsy Cline and The Maddox Brothers and Rose began their recording careers with that label and after a short time realized it was in their best interests to get the hell off it and sign with someone else as soon as possible…someone whose contracts weren’t held together by the itsy-bitsy fine print and chicanery of label owner Bill McCall.


‘Later Friday Freedom Riders and Pards’ Of All Ages!

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