What Planet Is This?! Show #18 (I think)

That’s right, it’s that time again!

As promised (or threatened, depending on how you look at it); I will use one of tonight’s two hours to play entirely electronic music! That said, it really won’t be a whole lot different than any other show. I already slip a good deal of electro tunes in there. This time, they’ll just be all in a row.

What Planet Is This?! is not a late night program, so I promise there will be no “oonst oonst” and no epic, never-ending electronic acid trips (maybe some other night). That said, I’ve got some Kid Koala lined up, The Faint, Herbie Hancock, Tiga and more! You’ll like it. I’m sure of it.

For the second hour; you can expect some regular WPIT?! favourites and some artists I’ve never played before including Man Man, Frank Zappa, The Beatles and Jason Collett.

Click here to see what was played!

Oh yeah! Before I forget, if you haven’t already; check out this week’s music discussion!

About Chris

Chris Carlier is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, snapshot-taker, coffee/tea-fiend, student of life.
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