What Planet Is This?! Show #30 (I think)

    What Planet Is This?!
    Holy smokes! Well, would you look at that! Show #30 (I think) already. Now, I know it’s not like some of the old-timers on Regina Community Radio who have been around for 5+ years (it’s a relatively new station, you know), but it’s still a small achievement, I think. I mean, they haven’t kicked me off the air for playing too much Zappa yet. Hmm…. Maybe I should be playing more Zappa.
    Anyway, it is that wonderful, magical time of the week again, when I get to forcibly control the frequency modulation of the radio waves that resonate around 91.3 Megahertz (Is that the word I’m looking for? I don’t know. I can’t remember how that works. It’s all radio magic, if you ask me.)
    Tonight’s lineup is, as yet, undetermined. If you’ve ever listened to the show before, first of all – thank you; secondly, you know that I’m pretty much doing it all on the fly anyway. I bring a bunch of CDs and records and sort of just “wing it.” I do have a bunch of tunes lined up already as fall-back options, but I’m going to see if, throughout the day, I can compile a playlist of good road trip tunes – since I just got back from a road trip!
    Update 1: Alright! I’ve got it! Tonight’s theme is Road Trip Music! Expect some up-beat-keep-you-going tunes, some slow-down-take-it-easy tunes, a few guilty pleasures and more!
    Update 2:

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Chris Carlier is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, snapshot-taker, coffee/tea-fiend, student of life.
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