Amber Alert

This is an activation of the AMBER ALERT system at the request of Regina Police Service

The victim is: Samantha MARTYN, Age 4 (2005-09-02), 3’7″, 50 lbs., caucasian, light brown hair (long with bangs).

Last seen: 1425 9th Ave. North, Regina, SK Time Last seen: 2010-07-06 at 6:15 pm

Samantha Martyn is believed to be in the company of her mother:

Natasha L. SENTES, Age 34 (1975-07-18), 5’6″, 155 lbs., caucasian, black curly hair and brown eyes.

Last seen: EVRAZ Place, Regina, SK


Police believe the child was taken by:

Christopher Alan MARTYN, Age 39, (1970-11-10), 5’8″, 225 lbs., caucasian, short brown hair and brown eyes. Christopher Alan MARTYN has a scar on his left wrist and a tattoo heart on upper left arm.

Vehicle Information:

Ford Taurus, 4 door, Brown in colour.

Licence Plate 250-FMA (Saskatchewan)

If you have information about this child, call 1-877-SOAMBER or 1-877-762-6237

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