Hot Summer for Human Rights

Wow!  A lot has happened so far this summer, most of it connected with the G8/G20 gatherings hosted by the Government  of Canada in Huntsville/Toronto.  Mona and I were in Toronto attending the Amnesty International Canada Annual General Meeting at Victoria University (right next to Queens Park in downtown TO) and we were with the Amnesty contingent that marched in the massive protest parade.  Our leadership decided that we would not stay at Queens Park (a supposedly “safe” protest venue) but would continue on to our meeting site.  That decision kept us out of the nasty altercations that immediately followed the march.  A few minutes later, some of us were watching TV news and were astounded to see burning police cars and storefront windows smashed along the parade route.  I spoke to a young lady on the street later in the evening and she told of sitting on the grass at Queens Park (the safe venue, remember?) to listen to  the remaining speeches and music and being suddenly and violently set upon by the Police group that came through to clear out the Park.  What the motivation was there is difficult to tell, but the aftermath would lead one to believe it was a flawed tactic as things got worse from that point on.  This Friday Mona and I will be talking with two people who were right in the middle of it and were arrested and detained.  We will discuss what happened and why it happened and what the long term results might be.  Be sure to tune in this Friday for a very informative show.

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