parshat shoftim

hello readers and listeners,
yet another week passes and we had a new month enter our lives: elul. in song of songs we read, “i am for my beloved as my beloved is for me.” in hebrew, when you create an acronym from this sentence (the first letter of each word), we get elul. how about that? why this month just before the high holidays? maybe because we are asked to start our repenting and asking for forgiveness for the things we have done thoughout the year so we start the next year fresh and without anything weighing us down.

do not forget to listen to gevalt on tuesdays at 6:30, pm, sask time. we get into all this stuff.

and for those of you who read the times herald in moose jaw, watch out for my interview and even my picture.

here is this week’s parsha information. a time when you can accidentally kill someone and literally get away with it.

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