What Planet Is This?! Show #57 (I think)

    What Planet Is This?!

Well, it’s that ridiculous time of year again. The herds are shuffling through the gift-wrapped troughs at Mach speed, throwing elbows around like wrapping paper and drooling in single-file towards the registers.

Christmas just brings out the best in people, doesn’t it?

Anyway, despite my best attempts to avoid the annual winter commercial season, it finds ways to haunt me, every year. So: I’d better make the best of it.

I’ve invited a very special guest host to help me close up 2010 and I’m giving free reign to run an hour-long Christmas special. That’s right: Christmas special. All I can say is you won’t hear the traditional tunes you’re thinking of. Well, probably. Maybe. Just pour yourself some tea, put on your favourite ugly sweater, your best pair of slippers and your headphones and let us take you on a cinnamon-scented journey! 🙂

As always, be sure to check back here for a detailed playlist, after the show.

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Chris Carlier is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, snapshot-taker, coffee/tea-fiend, student of life.
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