parshat ki tisa

“noone can see the face of the lord and live,” is what moses is told. so, he gets to see the “shechina”, a kind of wake or train of a wedding dress, if you will, of hashem (the lord). it is what follows and not exactly is. can you imagine the feelings of being put in the cleft of that rock awaiting the awe inspiring feelings of seeing anything of the lord directly?

well, we all get it everyday, just do not realize it. the shechina is what came down into the temple, through the cherubim atop the ark in the holy of holies, passed through the showbread and rest of the inner courtyard, the outer courtyard, the outer area of the temple, jerusalem, israel, and then throughout the rest of the world.

you can learn more by listening to gevalt on tuesday nights at 6:30.

here is the link:

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