parshat tetzaveh

we always learn something enlightening in torah. this week, through this link, you can learn how we are all the same on the inside. rich or poor, we are all sanctuaries contained by a vessel. we also learn (in the torah, though it is not covered by this link today) that the olive oil used to light the everlit menorah (candelabra) in the temple (mishkan, or traveling temple in this case) has to be the first pressed. some argue it is how it sounds. others argue it is the pressing before a human hand or machine starts- i.e., the natural weight of one on the other creating the “first press.” isn’t that something??!?! we also learn of the priestly garments, etc., etc.

and you can learn more every tuesday night at 6:30 on gevalt.

this is rebbe chaim saying here is the link for your extra weekly learning and may the arab countries find peace.

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