What Planet Is This?! Show #68 (I think)

THAT’S IT! I’ve had it! No more! Winter, you are formally dismissed, as your services are no longer needed for this year. Pack your things and get the hell out!


The season kind of does that to people, doesn’t it? The longer winter lasts, the crankier people get about it. Makes sense, though. It’s cold, dry, driving is less pleasant, taking the bus goes from irritating to enormous hassle, the wind never stops (especially in Regina) and it always makes things colder – no such thing as a chinook in these parts.

Well, if you’ve ever heard What Planet Is This?! before, you know I’m all about using music to make things better. It true; it may not actually solve all of your problems. It may still be cold outside, no matter how hot Mark O´Connor´s Swing Trio gets. You still have to get out there and shovle, slip around on the sidewalks and wear your tires out, spinning them hopelessly on the iced pavement. But when you reflect, I’d bet you’re glad you’re here and not, say, Libyia.

Things aren’t so bad. Slow down a little, pour yourself a cup of tea or some hot bourbon cider, light up that fireplace or just turn on the fireplace channel on the television, put on those old headphones, let go and let the music take you to warmer places.

Tune in tonight at 8:00 and check back here for a playlist (sooner or later).

About Chris

Chris Carlier is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, snapshot-taker, coffee/tea-fiend, student of life.
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