Cosmo-Orgasmic Ascension

In 1998, British Music critic Ben Watson wrote that “in the masterpieces of modern music – Varese’s Arcana, Boulez’s Marteau sans Maitre, Zappa’s ‘Yo’ Mama, Coltrane’s Ascension, Xenakis’s Kraanerg, Hutcherson’s Components, Ascension’s Broadcast – there is an intimation of impersonal event, the scary objectivity of quasars unfolding in outer space. It corresponds to the moment of orgasm.”

Over the summer and fall of 2011, Naval Aviation In Audio (Wednesday 9-10 pm) will play each of the works in Watson’s cosmo-orgasmic musical canon, beginning with the June 1st episode which will feature Edition II (the earlier of two takes) of John Coltrane’s Ascension, a 40+ minute, 11-piece stellar excursion into the outer limits of freedom, discipline & risk that still divides audiences. Ricard Giner writes “Is this extraordinary document an indigestible cacophony of anarchy in brass and bass, or the artistic culmination of a man’s desire to explore the outer reaches of tonality and the inner limits of freedom? Is Ascension a transcendental event in jazz history or an anomalous experiment that perseveres in its periphery?”

So join NAIA tomorrow at 9 for a hearing of avant-jazz’s ultimate horn blow-out, as always, with literary accompaniment!

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