parshat matot

can you believe it? war ensues against the midianites because of the seduction that happened earlier which caused pinchas to drive a stake through two lovers (no, this is not cupid’s arrow)!!! war is over and moses is upset they killed all the men, but not the women. he gets over it and tells everyone how to purify themselves from war and touching dead bodies, as well as teaching them how to make the utensils they found kosher for their uses.

two tribes and half of a third (if i told you here you would not read the link given) ask to have their portion on the east side of the jordan. moses gets upset indicating it sounds like the spies report all over again-afraid to cross the jordan and fight the people there. they offer to head the fights.  the soap opera continues…

so much more so read the link and listen to gevalt on tuesday night at 6:30pm

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