Prairie Lily Special’s Tenth Season Finishes With Strong Bookender Series

This year’s tenrh season of The Prairie Lily Special (Saturday 6 – 8pm) will mark the third consecutive year that your’s truly ruly won’t have to recycle anything from my already vast library of Country Music to construct the show’s showcase segment: The Bookender Spotlight. A recent spate of new acquisitions will make it possible for me to introduce recordings never heard before on the show and will also gimme the opportunity to re-visit performers who have received Bookender distinction in the past but whose availability was somewhat limited previously, or, in other words, I’ve got more to share recording-wise of a particular Country legend. So There!

Here’s what’s comin’ up to close out The Bookender for 2011:

November 5th – Ronnie Dove (Part Two – Two Week Spotlight)
November 12th – The Duets of Buck Owens and Susan Raye
November 19th – Jerry Jeff Walker
November 26th – Mel Tillis Re-Visited
December 2nd & 9th – Rex Allen Re-Visited
More recordings of Arizona’s “Last Great Singin’ Cowboy” have been acquired just in time for all y’all frostbitten western romantics to ride off into those anticipated blizzards we’ll soon receive, but you’ll be able to do so in the warm comfort of your own adobe haciendas!
December 16th and 23rd – Claude King
Claude’s been to a lot places besides Wolverton Mountain, but youll just have to wait until December to find out because dem’ low down birds and animals back home might blow the whole deal and tell Clifton Clowers, who’s pretty handy with guns, knives and other life-hastening implements where Claude’s hidin’ out.
The December 23rd show will be the last for TPLS’s Tenth Season and will feature throughout the show other performers showcased on The Bookender throughout 2011. This show will also let outta the bag who the Tribute Artist In Residence will be for 2012.
January 7th & 14th – Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed
We’ll start off TPLS’s 11th season right by featuring cuts from two albums by the four greatest hands that ever massaged rosewood, presenting tracks from their 1970’s albums “Me and Jerry” and “Me and Chet”. Do remember that if you’re listening in Stereo that Jerry’s guitar is on the left speaker and Chet’s is on the right. DON”T BOTHER PANNING because it’s ALL GOOD!

Coming up in the short term on TPLS, I’ll be assaulting y’all with some classic yodeling and will be doing a two-week feature on Jerry Lee Lewis during Rockabilly Boogie Time (7 – 7:30pm during TPLS) on November 5th and 12th, so get the fire goin’ and be ready to sit at the feet of THE KILLER.

Whew…now I’ve got that done, did I forget to tell all of you that I host a show called Boss Radio (Fridays 4 – 6pm) that isn’t bad? No, really it’s an affordable alternative to house pet daycare, burgler deterrence/security and makes house plants grow whether they want to or not. So, if you didn’t already have a compelling reason to tune-in to Boss Radio, you’ve got three useless ones as justification to do so now. Don’t let me down or I’ll come and live in your garage for a month. You’ve been learned, don’t make me school ya’…

‘Later Friday Freedom Riders and Pards’ Everywhere!

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