Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors

On Wednesday, March 7, Naval Aviation In Audio will play the entire 1989 album Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors, a full-tilt west coast punk masterpiece by Jello Biafra with D.O.A., including the 14-minute epic “Full Metal Jackoff.” I love the DKs (doesn’t everyone?) – but wow! do Jello’s venomous vocals ever sound great backed by the hard core power of Vancouver’s D.O.A.! This episode will also feature Rimbaud-inspired rants by London, UK poet Sean Bonney, select passages from H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine (another story where people disappear), and music by King Cobb Steelie, Toronto experimental jazz trio Rake, and modern Canadian composer Linda Bouchard. Past playlists can be viewed at

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