The Meek Nearly Inherit Boss Radio…Almost

Summer’s absolutely swingin’ for your’s truly ruly and when things swing, The Conductor likes to mix things up to obliterate my own complacency and attempt to deliver listeners a little bit of variety. Where’s this rant going, you ask?

For this Friday’s (July 20th) edition of Boss Radio, you and I listeners will be headed for the North London flat of one of British Pop Music’s greatest misunderstood heretics (and a genius to boot) for all time…JOE MEEK.
A true visionary in every sense of da’ word, the late Mr. Meek created many of Blighty’s greatest recordings during that awkward period before the rise of The Beatles and the rest of The Beat band heyday. All of this show’s non-Canadian recordings were recorded in Joe’s three floor flat above a leather goods shop at 304 Holloway Road, where talent was the only requirement for entry and imagination was as indispensable to the proceedings as good birdcage microphones and fresh rolls of magnetic tape. ProTools?! Pitch correction?! You venture into his home and dare to say you have difficulty at times singing IN KEY? Sod off and get the bloody hell out of here before I nail your other foot to the floor…WANKER!

On a more relaxed note, The Prairie Lily Special (Saturday 6 – 8pm) will feature seventies’ and eighties’ main man Mel McDaniel onĀ The Bookender Spotlight for the July 21st and 28th programs. Enjoy.

‘Later Friday Freedom Riders and Pards’ Of All Ages!

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