Hanging By A Thread 1.22: Seconds


The one after the one before

I started buying my own records in the 7th grade. My first album was a K-Tel compilation called Looney Tunes: a bunch of quirky novelty songs from the early 60’s. The second was Destroyer, by Kiss.

On my way home from school, I used to stop by K-Mart and play records on the demo stereos- remember the big console kind that had the nice box inside for keeping LP’s?  I loved placing a record on the changer and quickly walking away while the music played. The challenge was to see how far you could make it before someone turned the stereo down so you could no longer hear it.  A personal favourite was Party– the second song on the second side of Boston’s second album Don’t Look Back. Even though Boston’s first album received more accolades from the critics, I would still rather listen to the Don’t Look Back record today, simply because I got to know it at K-Mart.

I know that these are probably not the coolest of musical memories, but I didn’t have older brothers to introduce me to music, so whatever I found on my own I devoured somewhat indiscriminately. It was much different for my kid brother- by the time he reached the 7th grade, there was much more music in the house because the record monkey was already making itself quite at home on my back. Nobody had to break new ground so much as find all the cool stuff that I had missed.

Whatever the case, Thursday’s Thread features Seconds: the ones after the ones before. Second songs, second albums, second sides, second guesses… whatever. Don’t worry, though: I’ll keep my Kiss and Boston tunes to myself for now.

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