Hanging By A Thread 1.25: Radiothon2012


Ring those phones
Ring those phones
Ring those phones…

It would happen every year, and so every year it used to drive me crazy. All I wanted to do was watch more Monty Python. The annual Python Marathon, taking place over New Year’s Eve as I recall, was a fairly significant piece in the regular support schedule of KCTS9, the public television station from Seattle that came with our cable subscription. However, as a fourteen year old kid, I wasn’t interested in sending any of my babysitting money to them. Mom and Dad paid the bill and I watched the TV- that was our deal.

A few years later watching Family Ties I saw portrayed the other side of the tireless pleas for support and partnership that are undertaken by passionate people to keep public television and community radio alive. Then, within my own ministry involvements leading a church, I began to experience as a participant rather than simply an observer, how important partnership truly is and how crucial financial support is for any service endeavour. The challenge is simple: if you want to give someone something valuable for free, whether that’s food, clothing and disaster relief or alternative/special interest media, then resources need to be gathered to fund this gift. These times of banding together and pooling resources with others of like passion are times of rich community that cannot be experienced any other way.

So I’ve been listening to many of the Radiothon 2012 Editions of many of my favourite CJTR programs, and have been impressed by one thing: nobody takes Radiothon lightly. Nobody goes through the motions and merely pays lip service to the idea. There’s a buzz about CJTR this week that is inescapable.

However, in reading the Programmer’s Handbook for the event, I stumbled upon some confusing directions. In a list of things to do to help CJTR raise its goal of $20k, the 3rd item was
Plan a really good show during Radiothon.

Oh great. Pressure.
It’s been evident that other CJTR programmers take item #3 seriously.
More pressure.

So I decided to bring in some reinforcements to step up my own game a bit. In addition to tunes about Radio itself, Thursday’s  Thread will feature live, on-air performances from a number of significant bands, introduced by a number of classic radio personalities. It will be a radio show radio show with some rather interesting surprises from the vaults. You won’t want to miss it.

The other, more important thing you won’t want to miss, however, is the opportunity to partner. Someone very wise once said it is more blessed to give than to receive, and so the invitation (or challenge, you pick) is out there to get onto the giving side of that line. Give community radio to your community by making a donation! With every donation of

  • $50 or more, donors receive a CJTR license plate for their ride as a gift
  • $100 or more, donors receive a limited edition CJTR T-shirt as a gift
  • $150 or more, donors get both the plate and the T-shirt as gifts

There are also daily prize draws for every donation of $25 or more (Thursday is for Tony Roma’s) with a grand prize draw for an all-inclusive trip for two to the Gran Bahia Principe Coba Resort* in the Mayan Riveria (courtesy of Carlson Wagonlit Richert Travel and Sunquest Vacations) so you can ask the locals about that whole calendar thing…

You should call the station now at 525-7274 to make your pledge, or do so online at www.cjtr.ca
then you can just hang out and listen to the shows that you’ve made possible.

*NOTE: this link is the result of a google search on the phrase linked and is presented  merely to provide an idea of the type of prize being offered… this particular link has not been officially provided or sanctioned by CWR Travel or Sunquest 🙂


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