Hanging By A Thread 1.26: Costume Party

While in high school, a friend of mine wrote an amazing story about a masquerade party. In it, the people at the party are all costumed up, with clothing that binds them torturously and beautiful masks that force faces to contort grotesquely beneath them in order to avoid the discomfort that these masks inflict upon the wearers. The conversation is superficial at best and eventually the main character in the story can’t take it any more. Upon tearing off his mask, he is tossed from the ball out into the parking lot where he is greeted by maskless people, having a tailgate party and dancing  freely in the gaze of a circle of headlights. I think the story was a metaphor- I mentioned the author was in high school, right?

This week on the Thread, we’re having a costume party of our own. What, with Hallowe’en less than a week away, Thursday’s show features recordings of people who perform in costume. Interestingly, it was rather difficult to find CanCon for this show (apparently Canadians don’t need to dress up to have a good time- refer back to my friend’s metaphoric story) so I found myself tapping into the SCTV archives for some costumed Canadiana.

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*This note posted courtesy of the good people who have provided a boingo hotspot here at the Pearson International Airport. 
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