Hanging By A Thread 1.29: TV on the Radio


Dr Timothy Leary once said that the average American family watches seven hours of Television per day, and this is ‘voluntary enslavement.’  The media mavens working on the sensory overload aspects of U2’s epic 1992 ZOOTV tour used a clip of Leary’s little rant to make some ironic point, being that the stage was covered with at least a hundred monitor-style video screens, all streaming different material, blinking and flashing in sync with the live music of the band in a display of technological prowess that seemed to be the offspring of 1970’s light organs and the wall of TV’s at the local future shop…

Anyway, it’s a good thing we are neither average nor American around my house. No, we’ll have none of that here, Dr Leary. None of those judgements or pontificatory remarks from you, Mr ‘Turn On Tune In and Drop Out‘. Speaking of ironic.

Thursday’s Thread features TV on the radio… alas, not the band (for those out there who are fans)- Thursday’s show will feature songs which either deal with television or were recorded for television or (my personal favourite) have the sound of televisions playing in the background of songs.  It will be just like when you were a kid and you had the TV on while you played records and did your homework…

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