Hanging By A Thread 1.30: The Other Guys


So there’s this bunch of men coming down this dusty, unnamed road in Palestine. A lively and animated discussion is taking place but when the voices start to rise above the dB level than is socially and culturally acceptable here, it’s pretty obvious to anybody in the general vicinity that a disagreement has arisen. Their rabbi turns and says ‘What are you guys on about now?’ for they do argue a lot. Suddenly all is quiet and… well… awkward. Nobody wants to admit that they’ve been arguing over the size and order of the credits that will run at the end of any one of the epic Greatest Story Ever Told-type bibliopics that will be created in a couple thousand years detailing their exploits and, of course, those of the rabbi.

The rabbi replies with an axiom that could very well be the trademark catchphrase for a community radio station. He says “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.

There is a charming moment in a recent film celebrating the success of the iconic Canadian band, Rush. Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson are sitting in a restaurant having a conversation. A starstruck fan recognizes Geddy and starts making a bunch of noise about it while Alex sits quietly smirking, amused that he and his bass-playing friend started their band together in high school nearly 40 years earlier, yet only one of them is spotted by devotees of that band.  The last shall leave first and the first shall be left signing autographs and picking up the check.

This Thursday’s 3:00 Thread features music by the other guys… songs from albums by the guys that can walk down the street in relative obscurity, even if they happen to be walking with their bandmate who is the last one to come onstage at a show and the first one to the microphone.

The Common Thread airs every Thursday from 3:00-4:00 on
91.3 CJTR- Regina’s Community Radio

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