Hanging By A Thread 1.39: Idle No More


Anyone who has been living in the western world longer than a weekend knows that there are two topics you just don’t bring up around certain supper tables:
1) religion
2) politics

But this isn’t a supper table and the preacher needs to say something political here.
Time to weigh in.

I am going on record as one who agrees with the Idle No More movement.

There. I said it.  I’m glad I said it.

It just makes sense. Stewardship of the environment is everybody’s business and if there’s one thing that drives me crazy, it’s pulling up to a coffee shop or a burger place on any given day and seeing a line of cars in the drive-thru, engines running, going nowhere. No wait, there’s something worse than that: it’s pulling up to the same coffee shop or burger place on a cold day, walking past a vehicle parked out front with its engine running, going through the door and finding no line- just people sitting around tables, looking back at me.
Idle No More!

Or what about the whole ‘command start’ deal? Sure, this is January and it’s freezing, but we’re Hard Canadians, plain and simple, and whereas getting into a car that’s been running for ten minutes may be a bit like pulling a turtleneck sweater over your head and breathing normally,  I’m sorry, but a gasoline powered turtleneck sweater is just not up to code.
Idle No More!

Burning up all them dinosaur bones and creating smaller and smaller ice flows for polar bears to share cokes on- for what? Our own creature comfort?
Idle No More, baby!
Idle No More! 

Since when are Canadians, some of the hardiest people on the planet- just ask Oprah, who’s in Edmonton, whining all over Entertainment Tonight about how cold it is here- a bunch of shivering little environmentally aloof milksops, so desperate for their morning ‘Timmy’s’ before they can get their kid to the rink that they can’t even shut the engine off for a couple minutes to run inside for the heavy fuel? Since never! This is the Great White North! The true North strong and free! What other country has ‘Our homely naked man’ right in its national anthem?

Quoth the Raven
Idle No More!

Sorry, I get a little passionate when I start talking politics…

What do you mean it’s not what you think I think it is?

The Thursday Thread at 3:00 features not only many Canadian Artists who stand in solidarity with the Idle No More movement, but a few other voices of advocacy as well and will be co-hosted by my friend Jason Bird.

The Common Thread airs every Thursday from 3:00-4:00 on
91.3 CJTR- Regina’s Community Radio

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