Hanging By A Thread 1.40: Singles and Besides


Self knowledge is kind of a big deal. We spend years searching for clues as to who we are and what our place is in this world. We avoid the people, places and things we fear, denying ourselves the wisdom that comes of putting the old Friedrich Nietzsche maxim “That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” to the test. In our efforts to self-protect, we set ourselves up for a sense of nonfulfillment and then proceed to self-medicate and accumulate, with our affluence covering the bill. Such is the quest for happiness and actualization. I, however, have my place of unique personal gifting; my calling: I serve the community by generously receiving the things that people want to get rid of once they come to their senses. It’s my sweet spot.

It started with my in-laws. They moved awhile back from their home of twenty years or so, and decided to downsize a bit. Suddenly there was all this stuff that they figured my wife and I would like. Much of that stuff is still in boxes in the garage where it has remained since our own most recent move eleven years ago. However, I was in the process of finding myself, and accepting it seemed to be the right thing to do at the time.

Over the years, others have passed things on that they no longer had use for and I have found that there are some whom I will even pay in order to be allowed to take the unwanted fruit of their consumerism, such is my heart for community service. These needy folks are particularly easy to find: in their driveway or garage they set up all the stuff that they need to be released from the burden of owning and I come over and pay them and take it away. Sometimes I will spend a whole weekend driving around looking for people to help in this way. What can I say- I’m a philanthropist.

Here’s the thing, though. Although I used to accept pretty much anything, I’ve become a specialist over the years. Now, it’s almost exclusively vinyl records. Quite incredible it is, how people will seek you out once you go public with your calling and load huge boxes into the trunk of your car. Lay your burdens down. I’m here for you. I can usually find something interesting in the pile. Then I take the rest to Value Village to be sold- paying it forward, allowing others the opportunity to pay to receive them.

So when I relieved a friend of mine of a huge bag of 45 rpm singles, I went routing through and was delighted to find some coolness. That’s Thursday’s Thread at 3:00… Singles and besides that, a bunch of songs that were probably never heard because they were either on the other side of a hit record, or directly followed a ridiculous dance-club remix that had bored the listeners to tears on an EP or were otherwise just not released in a way that received any real attention. It’s my calling to give these things a home… and some airplay on my show. It’s how I serve.

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