Prairie Lily Special Listeners To Receive “Two-Fer” Show After Bug Bites Conductor

Well, yeah…even I get THE FLU and this year’s model is pretty knarly. Knarly enough for me to take some much needed hibernation time well spent catching up on some old TV watching. I got to see a hilarious episode of “Adam – 12” that starred Edd Byrnes (Kookie from “77 Sunset Strip”) and Micky Dolenz (Bam-Bam from The Flin…I mean “The Monkees”) as bikers. Too flippin’ funny, this eppi was! Micky looked silly (this show was done three years after ol’ ball n’ chain, or his “defining” series was cancelled) tryin’ to grease his curly locks down! Eddie talked tough and got to comb his hair (but Connie Stevens was nowhere to be seen), but I almost wished this show was filmed in B & W because Kookie’s face was beginning to “show the pallor The Doomed assume” (Like that old high school bud you haven’t seen for twenty years who drinks, um…a little. Too many years attempting to create The Perfect Tan looked as if they were exacting a toll. Those casting directors for¬†spaghetti westerns are moider!).¬† Ahhhhh, relaxing and fun…and I didn’t miss Hockey one bit.

There may have been a few of you who did miss my scheduled appearances of Boss Radio and The Prairie Lily Special. As a special gesture of appeasement to those who love their cornpone in the ozone, I will be taking drastic measures to insure that “New Traditionalists Month” ends on time and completely realized. Saturday, January 26th’s show (6 to 8 pm) will be THE FIRST ever in TPLS history to feature TWO Bookender Spotlights: hour one will finally present George Strait, while hour two brings you Lyle Lovett! The only downside to this deal will be the absence of Rockabilly Boogie Time, for which there will be no time…sorry. The Devotional Selection will be heard at it’s usual time. So whether you is or ain’t from Texas, Texas wants you to listen to George and Lyle…so DON”T LET TEXAS DOWN! Okay?

Do refer to my previous blog from December 31st/12 that lists future Bookender Spotlights. Besides these great performers, I also have in the pipeline guitar legend Hank Garland, New Zealanders Rex and Noelene Franklin and Freddie Hart’s recordings from his rockin'”phase”. For the rest of you (well, okay…all of you) Boss Radio (Fridays 4 to 6pm) will rock your world, my world and maybe even Edd Byrne’s world. I just doesn’t matter! You’re all groovy people!

‘Later Friday Freedom Riders and Pards’ Of All Ages!

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