Hanging By A Thread 1.51: What Was But Is Not


Yes I’ve been waiting such a long time
Just for something to ring true
Now I’d rather taste the old wine
Than mess around with something new
And the blindness goes on… (Rick Davies) 

What is it about moving forward that seems so important at the time that you abandon everything known in order to venture into the unknown? Is it a progress thing? Is it a lack of contentment? Is it a progress thing? Is it the need to evolve or just to get a change in the scenery? Any or all of the above… who can say?

Still, with every change in direction there is an abandonment, in great or small measure, of the current path. It’s logic. With each new day, many of the things of the old day are left behind- and not all of them are bad.

This happens in music all the time. A technology makes certain musical ideas possible. A social or political trend makes certain lyrical ideas irrelevant. A change in band members upsets the dynamic and years later people speak of the ‘definitive incarnation’ of the band, referring to the group before the big change in personnel and direction.

When I was an infant at my mother’s breast, I gurgled and cooed like any infant. When I grew up, I left those infant ways for good. (Eugene Peterson, The Message)

The challenge, then, is one of discernment: to know which changes matter and which aspects of what was need to be retained in what is, lest something beautiful be lost and we spend the rest of our days trying to get back into The Garden…

Thursday’s Thread at 3:00 features aesthetics that were forfeit, in most cases intentionally in the pursuit of success. In some examples, this was a necessary sacrifice- the release of ballast. Yet, in others, it represents that which was simply lost over the course of an evolution.

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