All Canadian Show Kicks Off Canadian Country Month On TPLS

The last edition of The Prairie Lily Special (Saturdays 6 – 8pm) that airs before or on Canada Day has always been a special occasion to celebrate Canadian Country Music and the 2013 (and 12th annual edition of the) All Canadian Country Music Cavalcade will be no different. Every selection played on the June 29th show will be by a Canadian performer, but what makes this show special is that it will start a very special month of Bookender Artist Spotlights celebrating the music of three of our nation’s greatest Country artists:

June 29th & July 6th – Myrna Lorrie

Despite being inducted into Canada’s Country Music Hall of Fame back in 1989, little if any of Myrna’s back catalogue is available in stores. Fortunately for us, Bear Family Records has re-issued her RCA recordings from the mid-to-late 1950’s. The collection is mostly Country with some Rockabilly mixed in, so this release will give listeners an accurate and entertaining glimpse of her early career. I’ve been saving this for the occasion of this special month and following Ms. Lorrie will be…

July 13th & 20th – Dick Damron

Two years ago, TPLS did an exhaustive Bookender Spotlight on Dick’s recordings made from 1959 to 1976. Our second go-around with The Canadian Outlaw presents his work on RCA from 1978 to 1989. These are the years when Dick found both his voice and purpose in life and his RCA sides from that era secured his place among Canadian Country legends. Once again, we have Bear Family to thank for producing another complete and cohesive collection of Mr. Damron’s work. Miss it at your own peril!

July 27th & August 3rd – Earl Heywood

Earl Heywood was a singing cowboy in the same ilk as Hank Snow and Wilf Carter, but Heywood stayed closer to his homes in Southern Ontario and recorded for RCA and other labels while in his twenties and continued to play for audiences a year before his death in 2006. Much of what you’ll hear will be from that early RCA period.

Just a reminder for all of you Boss Radio (Fridays 4 – 6pm) listeners: the June 28th show will be the 7th Annual Boss Sounds Made In Canada show which, like The TPLS Cavalcade will be 100% Canadian. Fancy yourself as a patriot? Than ya’ better be listening...BUB!

‘Later Friday Freedom Riders and Pards’ Of All Ages!

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