Hanging By A Thread 2.13: More Songs Than Ever Before!


“They’re all so beautiful- why don’t I have three heads?”

Mozart, played by Tom Hulce, says this in the classic classical music biopic Amadeus. He is, at the time, trying to choose an appropriate wig to wear to meet the Emperor. Now whereas most of us never get audiences with kings, nor wear wear powdered wigs- much less have movies made about our workaday lives, we all get stuck in these Mozart-moments where we wish we didn’t have to make certain choices.

A lavish buffet of Indian food comes to mind. All those exotic colours just waiting to be mixed deliciously on my palette. Why can’t I just eat it all? Why do I have to be limited in my experience? Don’t I want to be more inclusive than exclusive? Don’t I want to be more open than closed?

And that’s just lunch.

Much more difficult for me has been the choosing of a Thread for this, my final show on CJTR. I’ve had so many thread ideas that never happened- how do I choose a final one? And when I choose a final Thread, how do I decide what songs, bands, genres to play now or forever hold my peace?

Ambivalence can be a generational curse.

Still, the buffet analogy might be spot on here. Anyone who wants to survive a really good buffet without any type of regret knows that the key is to limit your portions. Treat the buffet like a Saturday afternoon trip to the Costco sample tables. Take a little of everything and enjoy the eclectic feast.

So that’s today’s Thread: there’s old stuff, there’s new stuff, there’s borrowed stuff, there’s blues stuff… More songs than ever before; none longer than 1:29. Today’s hour-long show features forty-six songs AND a guest host: my resident researcher, Devon Dozlaw is taking one last ride on this little radio train with me.

The Common Thread has aired every Thursday from 3:00-4:00 on
91.3 CJTR- Regina’s Community Radio.

Thanks for listening- may you enjoy the warmth of the smile of God upon your life and your love. Stay classy, (a whale’s) Regina


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