CJTR recognizes 5 and 10 year volunteer programmers

At CJTR’s AGM on Monday September 16th, General Manager Keith Colhoun and Radius Communications Inc. President Karl Valiaho were pleased to present pins to 11 long-time volunteer show hosts.

5-year pins were presented to:

Richard Burdick, host of The Classical Show

Ken Fox, host of Naval Aviation in Audio

Dave Morgan, host of Listen Up

Not in attendance but recognized for 5 years of programming:

Helen Chang, host of Chinese Connection

Mike Cote, co-host of Bonus Round

Greg Plosz, host of Greet Your Neighbor

Dan Silljer, host of World of Blues


10-year pins were presented to:

Joe Chouchick, host of That Rock Show

Jeanne Alexander, host of Toast and Coffee

Cathleen Devraj, co-host of It’s Time

Chris Strachan, host of Low Fidelity

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff at CJTR, many thinks to all of the honoured volunteers who have contributed countless hours of volunteer time, and haveĀ  created great radio for Regina!


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