Operation Manatee #29: Radiothon Special or How I Learned to Stop Being a Snob and Just Enjoy Some Music

Woah… wait a second… is Cory starting a blog post? Crazy… summer MUST be over now…

Tune in tonight at 11:00 pm on 91.3 FM in Regina or by streaming online at www.cjtr.ca to hear some stories. Chris and Cory aren’t young pups anymore… in fact, we’ve each been accused on more than one occasion (daily) of being old and stubborn. But how did we get this way?

Tonight, we delve into our pasts and histories to hear how music has formed our current tastes in a Radiothon special! Little more talky tonight, but we’ll have some great older songs to go along with our stories from aught-eighty-seven.

Check out OperationManatee.wordpress.com for a full playlist and discussion.

About Chris

Chris Carlier is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, snapshot-taker, coffee/tea-fiend, student of life.
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