The Inevitable “Conductor Had The Flu…So Here’s Another Show Re-Set” Blog…

Well, it does happen and I got bitten early and bad enough that I had to sit out my shows on November 15th and 16th. In regards to upcoming Bookender Spotlights for “The Prairie Lily Special” (Saturdays 6 – 8pm), here’s where the chips fall:

November 23rd & 30th: David Frizzell and Shelly West (’80’s Duet Team Supreme).

December 7th & 14th: Wade Ray (Pared-Down ’50’s Western Swing).

December 21st & 28th: Don Gibson (Re-Visited – The RCA Years).

Please note that I will be doing editions of TPLS and Boss Radio (Fridays 4 – 6pm) for the last week of December to make up for the weekend I lost to The Bug. I usually take the last week of December off for a little holiday cheer and lots of holiday Bowl Football games and I, ummm…LOVE my Bowl games folks.

Please also note that I’ll be spillin’ da beans in regards to content for the upcoming thirteenth season of The Prairie Lily Special, which gets underway on Saturday, January 4th. The first two months are already set and will be awesome if I do say so myself…and they will be. Details to come during The Classic Country News segment of the November 30th¬†edition of TPLS.

Oh, by the way Roughriders: You’ve come this far…now finish it strong, ALL THE WAY! Win ‘Dat Grey Cup At Home…Blow Our Minds!

‘Later Friday Freedom Riders and Pards’ Of All Ages!

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