CJTR Volunteer of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Awards 2013

CJTR’s Volunteer of the Year, and Lifetime Achievement Awards were presented last night at CJTR’s annual holiday party.

The Lifetime Achievement Award this year goes to Clare Powell.

Clare Powell with CJTR President Karl Valiaho


Clare’s involvement with CJTR goes back to before the station launched.  He was one of 8 guarantors of the initial loan that Radius Communications got from Sherwood Credit Union, in order to purchase equipment and computers to get us on the air.  He put his own money into the project from the beginning at no small risk, because he believed in community radio and its importance in Regina.

He was elected to the board of directors on September 2000, and served for two years, including a year as Chair of the membership committee, where his duties included editing The Transmitter Newsletter.

As well as being a regular contributor to CJTR’s various fundraising events as an active volunteer and generous donor, Clare also gave the station $1000 in 2006 specifically to help raise the stations profile.

Clare has been a great conduit to the Union community for CJTR, having helped open he door to relationships with the Regina District Labour Council, and labour unions in general.

Clare has been on the air since the stations launch, hosting his show Eclectic Café. (That’s well over 1000 hours as a host!)  His show truly is Eclectic.  At any given time you might hear classical, country, hard rock and just about anything else you can think of, and Clare’s smooth and relaxed delivery makes if all blend together nicely.

We are very pleased to present Clare with the Lifetime Achievement award, and we look forward to hearing from and working with Clare for years to come!


The Volunteer of the Year Award this year goes to Norm Sacuta.

As chair of the fundraising committee, Norm was the driving force behind the annual Music Garage Sale.  He put in many hours in its organization and execution, and his efforts helped make the sale a success.

Norm was also played a big role in the success of the Look and Listen Lottery.  Norm obtained the license, helped distribute tickets to volunteers and sold many of the tickets.

Norm worked closely with staff on many occasions, lending his talents to a grant application and also helping secure advertising from the PTRC.  Norm is a terrific supporter of the station and always represents and promotes CJTR in a very positive manner.

Among his contributions on the Board of Directors, Norm complied material and developed CJTR’s first Board of Directors handbook, which will be very useful to the current and future directors, and was included in our CRTC license application as a significant step forward in board governance for Radius Communications.

Norm is the first recipient of the Volunteer of the Year award who’s contributions do not include being a programmer. (We hope that is something he considers in the future.)  His significant contributions ‘behind the scenes’ are a great reminder that CJTR relies on many, many volunteers in lots of different roles in order to deliver great radio to Regina!

Norm was away on business and could not attend the presentation, but expressed his gratitude via email:

‘…convey my thanks to everyone who helped me out this year, particularly all the many volunteers who helped with the garage sale.  We had so much support at that event, and in particular with the clean up (probably 20 people stayed to help clean up).  We wouldn’t be able to raise the money we do without these people. I am very honoured.  Thank you for this.’


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