The Prairie Lily Special – Season #14

Starting Saturday, January 3rd, The Prairie Lily Special embarks on it’s fourteenth season of celebrating and examining The Glory AND The Story of Country Music with 91.3 FM’s listeners. Bluegrass legend Carl Story is our Tribute Artist for 2015 and his music will be celebrated every week of the new year through the segment “Land, People and Faith…The Music Of Carl Story”, which immediately follows the centrepiece of every TPLS show y’all know as The Bookender Spotlight. Speakin’ of which…here’s what’s comin’ up on The Book early in the new year…

January 3rd & 10th – Jimmy C. Newman
On June 21st, 2014, the first Cajun-Country performer to become a member of The Grand Ole’ Opry left this world after a run of nearly 87 years. It was a fine life that saw him (along with Doug Kershaw) bring an awareness to Louisianan rural music throughout America’s Southeast and eventually a national audience and beyond.

January 17th – Claude Gray; The Mercury Records Years
Riding a smooth baritone voice reminiscent of Jim Reeves and a big then-regional hit “Family Bible”, this tall-Texan, under the managership of Harold “Pappy” Daily scored many more triumphs with Mercury from 1960 through 1962.

January 24th & 31ST – Goebel Reeves
Cross Woody Guthrie with Boxcar Willie and you’ll get an incomplete, thumbnail sketch to describe Goebel Reeves. Known to many as “The Texas Drifter”, Reeves returned from World War I to the United States in 1919 hellbent on living the hobo’s life; riding the rails while eschewing a past life of privilege and security. While all the recordings Mr. Reeves were waxed from 1929 to 1935 for Okeh and Decca, there are verifiable accounts on record that he barnstormed for a spell playing gigs with Jimmie Rodgers as far back in the early 1920’s. Are you interested yet…reader? You sure as (bleep) better be because I AM! This’ll be a goodin’!

Farther Along, we’ve got;

February Is JOURNEYMEN’S MONTH, with…
February 7th – Rusty York
February 14th – Jack Bradshaw
February 21st – Billy Brown, and…
February 28th – Rod Morris

None of these fellas are household names…yet, but they have an awful lot to offer musically. The month of March will be our opportunity to enjoy a couple of…

March 7th & 14th – Lorrie Morgan, followed by…
March 21st & 28th – K.T. Oslin

More info on future shows will come through this blog, I promise!

‘Later Friday Freedom Riders and Pards’ Of All Ages!

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