I Hear You Shiver, With Antici…

mattenfurterI would like, if I may.  To take you on a rather strange journey.

We’re in the depths of Radiothon, CJTR’s annual fundraising extravaganza to keep us on the air and bringing you unique and occasionally strange community generated content that you won’t find anywhere else.  There’s been tons of wicked awesome Radiothon programming going down this week and this week’s Nerdcore Cabaret is no exception.

Join us this Thursday, Oct 1 from 8-10 for the Radiothon Horror Picture Show.  We’ll be bringing you gems and lore from the legendary cult sensation.  We’ll have choice faves from the original movie soundtrack, the Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show, and even a delightful cover of  Science Fiction/Double Feature with none other than Neil Gaiman joining some magical friends.  All in addition to our usual mix of video game soundtracks and nerdcore hiphop.

So get your toast, tights, and most importantly your checkbook out to keep CJTR going for another year.  In addition to the amazeballs donation gifts that CJTR has, people who donate at least 10 dollars to CJTR during the show will get a copy of the Nerdcore Cabaret Colouring Book.  And the top donator ($50 minimum, kids) that can be traced to the Nerdcore Cabaret gets a copy of Achievement Unlocked, a mounted digital print by your friendly neighbourhood radio host.


So come up to the lab, and see what’s on the slab…


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