The Road to SaskExpo Begins Tonight, on the Nerdcore Cabaret

Well, kiddos.  It seems that sleepy ol’ Saskatchewan isn’t a flyover province for monster nerd cons anymore.  This weekend the Nerdcore Cabaret will be out in force on the floor of SaskExpo this September 19-20.  Cosplay, art, and so many great guests.   We’ll be on the show floor at booth 311 if you want to hit us up and say hello.  We’re even giving away colouring books at the Expo!  And your friendly neighbourhood radio host will be cosplaying as none other than Community’s Inspector Spacetime.

Last year the Nerdcore Cabaret interviewed icons like Robert Englund and Nana Visitor, and this year we’re starting off strong.  Tune in tonight to hear our feature interview with Charles Martinet, the voice behind iconic characters like Nintendo demigod Super Mario, and the great dragon Paarthunax from Skyrim.

The nerdity runs 8-10 tonight, only on 91.3 FM CJTR.


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