Get Ready for the Nerdcore Cabaret’s Halloween Havoc

Hello, boils and ghouls.

It’s Halloween, that delightful fusion of candy and cosplay that’s a top contender on every nerdlinger’s fave holiday list.  Eating too much bloody candy, getting some re-play out of your nerdy con outfits, what’s not to love?  Tune in this Thursday from 8-10pm as the Nerdcore Cabaret lays down some blood drenched tracks from your favourite spooky classics.  We’re dropping tunes from Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, Luigi’s Mansion and some other survival horror gems from your fave consoles.   Plus classic horror flicks like WolfCop, Ginger Snaps and Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter.

And as a special treat, we’re making a live human sacrifice on air to really get into the spirit of the season.









EDIT: After talking to newly minted CJTR Executive Director Josh “Captain Buzzkill” Haugerud, the human sacrifice has been cancelled.  Some bollocks about “insurance”, and “a gruesome bloody mess in the booth” and “murdering a person on-air goes against the CJTR Programmer’s Manual not to mention the Criminal Code of Canada”.  While disappointing, at least the music will still be great.

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