Science and Magic Collide on Tonight’s Nerdcore Cabaret

The holidays are upon us, Nerd Herd.  But fear not, everyone.  The Nerdcore Cabaret is here to provide your ears with a welcome respite from jingled bells, frosted men of snow, and elves upon shelves who are doing a disturbingly good job of conditioning future generations to be more accepting of mass surveillance.

Join us tonight for your two hour break from the season of mandatory cheer, and get a Christmas breather before going once more into the candy striped breech.  On tonight’s Nerdcore Cabaret, we’re bringing you a red hot dose of science and magic from the Internet’s spirit animal, Lil’ Bub.  Her new album, appropriately titled Science and Magic, just came out this week.  And we’re bringing you fresh beats from the most adorable creature who ever lived.

Life is good, Bub is life, tune in tonight from 8-10 for the catlike magic and wonderment.


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