The Nerdcore Cabaret’s New Year Dance Party’s Coming For You Like 8-Bit Hulkamania (FOR REALZ!)

Well, Nerd Herd and CJTRiphiles, the New Year is fully upon us.  Even now we’re lurching and creaking our way back to the path of full time adulterizing after the holiday break.  Last week the Nerdcore Cabaret was supposed to rock your Doctor Who socks off with our New Year’s Dance Party, however it seems an unexpected computer glitch scrubbed our recording off the docket.

I’ve nailed down the culprit to either Megabyte or fsociety.  Those wacky hackers are always hacking my Internets up for their nefarious ends.

But, because we refuse to let the party die, we’re trying again.  This Thursday join host Matty V in a belated kick off of the new year with pulse-poundingly nerdy tunes from some of your faves and a few new challengers.  Lil BUB, David Hasselhoff, Perturbator, MC Lars and so much more.  There might even be a Final Fantasy slow dance.

The Nerdcore Cabaret’s New Year’s Dance Party lives on!  First on our hearts, and then in your ears this Thursday from 8-10 PM on 91.3FM CJTR.


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