Show 205: Deeper Well, Saturday, March 26, 2016

Album * = Canadian content

KELLEY MCRAE – Land of the Noonday Sun
The Wayside (16)
* CORIN RAYMOND – Ol’ Fort Mac
Paper Nickels (13)
* TIM HUS – A Hundred Grande
Bush Pilot Buckaroo (08)

Lizzy performs at The Club (2431 8th Ave.) this Tuesday, March 29.

* LIZZY HOYT – White Feather
New Lady on the Prairie (14)
ELI WEST – Rainbow Midst Life’s Willows
The Both (16)
* IRISH MYTHEN – Sheila Doran
Irish Mythen (14)

Spirit of the West play a sold-out show at the Casino Regina Show Lounge this Thursday, March 31.

* SPIRIT OF THE WEST – Sadness Grows
Hit Parade (99)

The Young Novelists are at the Artful Dodger (1651 11th Ave.) Wednesday, March 30.

* THE YOUNG NOVELISTS – Always Make the Mistake
Made Us Strangers (15)

Zachary shares the bill with Chris Sleightholm and Devon Floyd at the Creative City Centre (1843 Hamilton) Wednesday, March 30.

* ZACHARY LUCKY – Leaves are Falling
Saskatchewan (12)
* JEN LANE – 1st Day of Spring (in Saskatchewan)
This Life of Mine (16)
* KACY AND CLAYTON – Springtime of the Year
Strange Country (15)
GATHERING TIME – The Highest Walls Guard the Greatest Treasure
Keepsake (16)

GRANT PEEPLES – Treason is the Reason
A Congress of Treasons (16)
BOB WESTCOTT – Crucifixion Darkness
American Hymns and Songs of the Saints (16)

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