Plain A.I.R (May 2016): EUPHONIA


Plain A.I.R  (May 2016): EUPHONIA

The May edition of Plain A.I.R. is EUPHONIA, hosted by a motley crew of music makers and deejays including Pulsewidth, Natural Sympathies and Guidewire. EUPHONIA will expand and contract the moorings of your brain pan with extended radio techniques, loopily brilliant pop music, and experimental forays into electronic music and sound art through live performances and recorded examples.

Plain A.I.R is an artists-in-residence radio program, a live radio “space”, which encourages creative expression and experimentation. Each month Plain A.I.R  features a new local artist, DJ, musician, band or community member as a guest host who programs a month’s worth of live, weekly radio shows. The program airs Saturday afternoons from 2-4pm on 91.3FM in Regina, on-line at, via our free mobile app and on channels 700 on Access and 806 on Sasktel.


  • May 7 – Natural Sympathies
  • May 14 – Pulsewidth
  • May 21 – Guidewire
  • May 28 – Pulsewidth





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