It’s a Canucky Maplegeddon on this week’s Nerdcore Cabaret.

Pass the poutine and stare longingly into Justin Trudeau’s perfect eyes in the poster you totally have in your bedroom, IT’S THE NERDCORE CABARET’S CANADA DAY SPECIAL!!!!

This week we mark how wonderful it is to live in the land that birthed both Wolverine and Deadpool.  The home of the Trailer Park Boys, the Littlest Hobo and the goddamned WolfCop.  Ours is a gifted lump of trees and rocks and rocks and trees that nurtured the composers who would score the Lord of the Rings and Heavy Rain.  Home to an animation industry responsible for the Care Bears, Reboot and Heavy Metal.

It’s a groovy land where I’ve never had to fart around with some fartknocker in accounting when I’ve been to the hospital, but they did call all my friends to make sure I’m not an axe-murdering communist before letting me buy my guns.

Oh, Canada.  Where Sex Bob-Omb and Electric Youth can play the same venue with B.A. Johnston as the opening act.  Where there’s a Guardian in every Mainframe.  And where Vancouver will be cursed to play every city other than Vancouver ad infinitum.


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