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RADIUS: A DOCUMENTARY ABOUT REGINA COMMUNITY RADIO airs every Saturday in March from 3-4pm during the Plain A.I.R. hour. Details below!

We are collecting stories about CJTR throughout this anniversary year! If you have your own stories to share about CJTR, please contact us by e-mailing or by calling (306) 525-7274.

Air Date: Saturday, March 4th, 2017 from 3-4pm
CJTR grew out of the passion of a group of citizens who wanted to make independent, creative radio. Here are their stories.
Featuring: Rick August (past-president, host of Borderlines), Ron Bocking (host of Spotlight, Square Hour and Comedy Collection), Keith Colhoun (former General Manager), Jeff “Redbeard” Corbett (host of Redbeard’s Blues, Music Buff and The Redbeard Special), Eric Forbes (Sales Manager, host of The Dog Run), Karen Haggman (Administrative Coordinator), Jim Hutchings (former Production Coordinator, former host of Human Rights Radio) and Dave Kuzenko (board member).
Producer: Andrew Pilon
Interviewers: Jenelle Jakobsen, Cory Paetsch

Click and listen to PART 1: ORIGINS now!

Air Date: Saturday, March 11th, 2017 form 3-4pm
CJTR is Regina’s community radio station and represents the city’s diverse community through spoken word and music programming. Here are some of the voices of those who make CJTR what it is today.
Featuring: Jordan Bell (host of Inside Insanity), Kelly Cairns (host of Biscuits & Gravy), Aaron Clarke A.K.A Capt. Anarchy (host of The Dishpit), Amber Goodwyn (Operations & Production Manager), Ryan & Eric Hill (hosts of All Day Breakfast), Kent Rocks (host of The Road + The Rok Boutique) and Ms. Vicious (host of A Hot Mess), Marina, Sierra, and Olivia (hosts of RadioKids).
Music by: Anitek – Recall, Dj Bootsie – Vuluke Khall, Jahzzar – Take Me Higher, Ketsa – Funkadelicoscious, Ketsa – Mr. Trumpet, Kevin MacLeod – Aces High, Kevin MacLeod – Vibe Aces, Sanmi – Let, and Simon Panrucker – Brick Wall.
Producer: Ben Valiaho

Click and listen to PART 2: CURRENTS now!

Air Date: Saturday, March 18th, 2017 from 3-4pm
Regina community radio is ever-evolving and actively investigating ways to remain reflective of this great city. Here are some investigations into what that might sound like.
Featuring: Rylee, Emily, Kaden, Dorian, Olivia, Meena, Carver and Sam from Argyle Elementary School in Regina, Charity Marsh (UofR), Katie Jensen (freelancer/Canadaland), Barry Rooke and Luke Smith (NCRA), Ophira Horowitz (CFUZ) and Josh Haugerud (CJTR). Music by Guidewire (Bryan Click, Steve Click).
Producer: Paul Dechene
Contributor: Dane Imrie

Click and listen to PART 3: THE FUTURE now!

Air Date: Saturday, March 25th, 2017 from 3-4pm
Join Rincon Latino co-host Max Ceron as he speaks with Sherry Knight (co-host of spoken word show about business, Knight Views), Nadeem Naz (co-host of Pakistani and Indian music and community program, Mehfil) and OG The Godfather (host of music show Caribbean Vibes) for additional stories and conversation about Regina Community Radio.

Series produced by CJTR volunteers and staff in celebration of 91.3FM CJTR Regina Community Radio’s 15th anniversary, which occurred November 1, 2016.
Series Consultants: Rick August, Eric Forbes, Josh Haugerud, Karen Haggman, Jenelle Jakobsen, Dave Morgan, CJTR’s 2016 Programming Committee
Series Narrator: Allison Barlow
Technical Coordinator: Megan “The Puppetmaster” Bates
Executive Producer: Amber Goodwyn
Initial broadcast dates: Episode 1 – Monday, February 13th 9am (World Radio Day), Episode 2 – Tuesday, February 14th at 9am, Episode 3 – Wednesday, February 15th at 9am
Additional broadcast dates: Episode 1 (Origins) – Saturday, March 4th 3pm , Episode 2 (Currents) – Saturday, March 11th at 3am, Episode 3 (The Future) – Saturday, March 18th at 3pm

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