The Round-up: CJTR’s Latest and Greatest Podcasts (March 21-28)

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Welcome to the Round-Up, where we chart one week in the life of CJTR’s podcasts. Is this the best week of podcasts ever? Yes, in the sense that every week of CJTR podcasts is the best week. In all seriousness, though, there’s a wide variety of topics and tangents in this week’s selection, from Amanda G.’s exploration of Regina’s past in Rear-view Mirror to the boisterous dissection of board game etiquette in Of Dice and Men. Give them all a good listen.

For the most up-to-date list of podcasts, visit the podcast page.

Listen Up! (March 28, rebroadcast of March 21st program)

Current, human and public affairs interviews with your host Dave Morgan. In the first half of this episode Dave speaks to the folks behind the Leader Post Christmas Cheer Fund which raises money to assist four area shelters. In the second half hour, Dave explores ‘Behind the Counter: A Day in the life of a Pharmacist’, in time for Pharmacy Awareness Month in Saskatchewan.

Rear-view Mirror (March 21)

Rear-view Mirror provides Regina and area residents with a greater understanding and appreciation for some of Regina’s rich history and notable people. By talking about people, buildings and events that have shaped Regina’s past, we can have a better understanding of our future. Hosted by Amanda G. Bi-weekly, rebroadcasted in the alternating week.

Arts Wave (March 22)

Jeanne Alexander hosts this hour-long conversation with artists, makers and writers in Saskatchewan. This week’s guests include Allan Barse, Director of the Dinner Theatre at St. James Church; Tracey Hamon from the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild; and Wayne Tunison, a man with a mysterious art gallery.

Knight Views (March 22)

Get working on your Knight Views with hosts Sherry Knight and Jim Aho as they discuss all aspects of employment and business. This week’s guest is Laur’Lei Silzer of L Squared Communications.

Gender Talk (March 24)

Host Stephanie Cox brings you information and news for the gender-diverse community in Saskatchewan.

The Prairie Naturalist (March 23)

What is natural? asks Prairie Naturalist host Jared Clarke. His answer? I imagine it would be “the prairie”. This week Jared talks to Megan Lawrence from SaltHaven West.

Just Drawn That Way (March 23)

Join Dustin B of the Infinity Watch to talk all things comics and comics-related. Recent releases, weekly reviews and look at what’s going on with comics in general.

Queen City Improvement Bureau (March 23)

Paul Dechene and Aidan Morgan co-host a weekly meeting of the QCIB, presenting solutions for Regina’s most insoluble problems. Sometimes quantum mechanics goes a little wonky, but nothing will prevent them from checking off all points on their agenda. This week’s guests are Chief Evan Bray, Regina Police Services, and Kenton de Jong of

Of Dice and Men (March 26)

It’s a board game show! This week: Ryan, Adam and Chad talk about board gaming etiquette and review their featured game, Clank!

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